About G.A. Miller

G.A. Miller is a new voice in the chorus of modern horror writers

A lifelong love of horror and reading has finally resulted in the creation of numerous tales of dark imagination...

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A lifelong pursuit of playing and creating music was cut short by the cruel onset of arthritis. What followed was a new creative outlet, bringing fears and nightmares to life on the printed page.

Arthritis arrives

The onset of pain and a lack of dexterity silenced my strings once and for all.

A chance to create once more

Fighting depression, the time had arrived to try something new...G.A. Miller came to be, and began to write.

Validation and Acceptance

Gehenna & Hinnom Publishers opened their doors and welcomed two tales, one for their premier issue of Hinnom Magazine, and another for the Year's Best Body Horror 2017 anthology.

With this fortunate beginning, the work began in earnest, and continues to this day...

Rogues Gallery

Some of the tales thus far...

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