Tales from the Evil Podcast
narrated by Dennis Serra

I had the pleasure of having some of my tales appear on Dennis Serra's Evil Podcast. Dennis has taken the site down for the time being, but his broadcasts of my stories are here to enjoy.

"Rough Draft" is a tale about the neighbor from Hell, and how a writer of dark fiction chooses to resolve the conflict. "The Dot" is a tale in the spirit of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, a tale of a father's undying love for his little girl.

"The Dot", by the way, has been accepted for, and will be included in the 2018 Association of Rhode Island Authors anthology.

"Tumor" has been published in Gathering Storm Magazine, Year 2, Issue 9

The man’s arm extended right through the glass, reaching out for Bobby, and he felt a hand gripping and shaking his arm. His eyes flew open and...

fromThe Dot