You know, the number they generally skip in tall buildings for fear of bad luck.

The actual number of items in a Baker’s Dozen, supposedly originated to insure they wouldn’t suffer punishments for short selling their goods.

And the number of stories I’ve included in this collection for your enjoyment.

“And Then The Phone Rang” would be right at home in Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, while “A Quiet Evening” involves a nameless visitor, quite possibly from a Lovecraftian dimension.

Most of these are newer tales, ones just starting to make the rounds to a myriad of publishers, and some are old friends. I think they sit well together, and I hope you come to the same conclusion as you read them.

Sleep well…

walk in the dark


This is a mixed bag, consisting of brand new stories, some of the best of the previously released stories, a collection of Drabbles, and the full length novella, "Spirit Of The Dead".

It reminds me of the "best of" albums we used to buy back in the day, where you'd get favorite tunes from a few albums, new tunes you'd never heard before, and some bonus tracks. I had that sort of thing in mind when I decided to put this together.

Given the contents, this collection is far larger than any of the previous releases were. The print version (which will release after the eBook version) is 366 pages in length, offering plenty of tales to choose from.

I'll be adding links very soon to the stores that will carry the eBook version, and then I'll add the print version once it's been proofed and released.

As always, I do hope you enjoy what dwells between the covers!

A great collection, fluid and entertaining, to fill those moments when you want a quick read and have no time for something longer. The Devil, diners and deserted roads mix with strange mists and unholy work to lead the unwary - or the foolish - to a grim end. I enjoyed all of them, but my favourites were Cursed at the Crossroads and Twelve Forty-Five. Highly recommended.

Amazon Review for Thirteen


Brilliant set of 13 eerie and haunting tales. It's one of those rare collections of killers with no fillers inside. My favourite story was "Cursed at the Crossroads" making legendary bluesman Robert Johnson subject of discussion. I also liked the stories the author set in the 50;s/60;s as they were so authentic and had a very special flair. "The Dot" makes you think back on childhood days when TV was black and white and the TV picture was fading away when switching off the set. "Fill 'Er Up" is a great story on why the sun is shining, "Pie" makes you skeptical on every new diet food (it's also the most brutal story in here). As I said, once you start reading this volume, you want to read all stories. Highly Recommended!

Goodreads Review for Thirteen