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Coming to The Horror Tree (


Looks like I'll have a drabble coming up on February 9th, and then in March, there will be a drabble on March 1st, another on the 15th, and then a flash story on March 22nd.


Work In Progress

I've put on my Big Boy pants and begun work on a hardcover release, which will include some Drabbles, some short stories (some classic and some brand new), as well as my novella, Spirit Og The Dead, all between one set of covers. Once final proofing and last edits are complete, this book will then be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu and other outlets.


New Outlet Coming Soon!

I've begun talking with Forrest Mulheron, the owner of Secondhand Bookery in Bangor, Maine. His store specializes in Stephen King books, memorabilia, anditems near and dear to Bangor.
It looks like he'll be adding my eBooks to his lineup, based on our conversations, and I've supplied him with all the necessary files and information. Once finalized, he'll add them to his site, and I'll provide links here.


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