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Ah, the weekend has arrived…

Saturday morning, the house quiet. I sit in the recliner with my laptop and the dog is curled up sleeping on the couch. A hot cup of coffee sits on the small end table to my right and the pleasure of a slow and easy waking is in progress.

Just sent off “Tumor” to Gathering Storm Magazine, encouraged by their aim to try and respond within 15 days. I wish all publishers would adhere to a shorter turnaround time in their responses. Yes, they’re busy people, yes they have lives and other obligations beyond reading, I get it.

But…so do we.

We have our own lives, filled with obligations both professional and personal, and yet we eke out time to write, edit, revise, reedit and meet the criteria for the publication to whom we’re submitting. We track these submissions, insuring we follow the guidelines carefully. If simultaneous submissions are not accepted, we cannot send the story elsewhere until we’ve received a verdict, which sometimes takes many months.

Frustrating as hell.

Maybe a submission should have an expiration date, mush like the food we purchase at a grocery. Instead of “Use By” or “Best By”, we could state “This submission expires on xx/xx/xxxx, at which time it is withdrawn and will be offered elsewhere.”

I like that idea. I like it a lot.


Sleep well…

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