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And then there were three…

Had another “What If?” moment, which led to another story the other day. We all have a safe place we retreat to when times become overwhelming, it’s part of our natural instinct for self preservation. But, whatever you do, don’t lock the door.

So “The Safe Place” lands in the 2018 work folder, making for a nice head start to next year’s efforts. I’m hoping to spend some time next week on improving and expanding the outline I started for a novel I want to do.

Got good news in the form of an email from Ingram…my order has shipped, and should be here next week, so I’ll be able to get some goodies to the people I’m planning to send them to.

I’ve honored my contracts, and have not published any works that have been published elsewhere, so all is well.

Full Cover

No ISBN number, not meant for publication, just a private print run of a limited number of copies, all of which will be signed and dedicated to the recipients.

‘Tis the season, no?

Sleep well…..

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