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And they’re off…

Nice…not only have the ideas I spoke about yesterday started coming together today, but I had an entirely different idea for a short (Flash) piece based on a recurring nightmare, and how it turns out for the dreamer.

(Hint…not well)

So I put down the first 500 or so words on the nightmare piece, and also expanded my notes for the other one, in preparation to begin writing that one soon.

I also submitted a piece to a new market today, and must speak to the extraordinary irony of that.

The new story I spoke about recently, “Just a little Bloob”, was never meant to go public, as it is very dark humor concerning a couple on the verge of a breakup, and the husband’s noxious farting.

When I saw a call for submissions today, I had no choice. The Devil made me do it.

The name of the publisher is Buckshot Magazine…

(You can’t make this stuff up!)

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