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And we’re off…

As promised… or was that threatened?  I can’t remember now…

In any case, I spent this gray, rainy morning setting up the release of my novella, “Spirit of the Dead” on Amazon Kindle, and also as a paperback available at most booksellers.

Spirit Paperback Cover

It will be available on Amazon by Halloween, which was my primary goal, and the paperback will follow later on, after I’ve received and approved the proof copy I ordered this morning.

Although I’ve been grateful to have been accepted and published by so many different publishers now, I wanted to expand my horizons and learn first hand how self publishing works, and now I’ve successfully started that with this release.

It is a good story, and came about in different parts, which are represented in the book by different dates, all events occurring in Carson’s Mill, RI.

Looking forward to watching this process as it continues!

Sleep well…

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