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IT has opened…and I have to wait until Sunday, when my wife is off, to get to see it. I’ve heard mainly good reviews so far, but will wait to see it for myself to form my own opinion.

I’ve read the book, of course…numerous times over the years since it released, and I’ve also seen the miniseries. Tim Curry was the highlight of that, but he was just as constrained as all other aspects because of network restrictions. I’ve always wondered how different it might have been if they’d gone theatrical release, rather than broadcast TV.

I’ve read that the director told an interviewer on European TV that they’ve been green lit and have started pre production on the sequel, where the Losers Club reunites as adults and returns to Derry to finish IT once and for all. I hope so, as this is a story that needs to come to its conclusion, and that won’t happen in this film.

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