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Back at it…

A week off, wandering through northern New Hampshire and a side trip to Montreal, was absolutely relaxing and invigorating… and now, back to it!

I took a quick grab shot with the phone camera through our room window at the clouds dropping down onto the mountains:


We got to experience this phenomenon as we drove through the national forest, rising to an elevation of nearly two thousand feet, literally driving into and through a low cloud on the mountain.

I coupled that idea with our experience waiting to check out at a local grocery behind a horribly conceited woman, added a mysterious hermit, and am currently working on a new story, tentatively titled “A Man in the Cloud”, a tale where Karma plays an important part.

When we returned home yesterday, I found a delightful message waiting for me in email too…

Thank you again for sending us “Tumor”. To make sure that every author and artist remains “in the loop” and not wondering if their submission got lost, we strive to keep you constantly updated when your piece makes movement with our staff, either forward in the publication process or if we decided to pass on it at any time. We are authors too, so we understand what its like to not hear from a publication. Your submission has PASSED our SECOND ROUND of reading and is moving to Phase 3. The third review (Phase 3) is conducted under a microscope. We are looking for the best of the best out of all the submissions related to the particular theme. We are also sitting around a table discussing, begging, debating, arguing, bribing, and downright fighting for our favorite pieces. Due to budgetary restraints, some submissions in Phase 3 will still get the axe but are held very closely to our hearts. Lastly, if you’ve made it past Phase 3, you will get a personal notification from one of our Editors-in-Chief, declaring a National Holiday in your favor because you made it to publication. The only thing preventing this success from happening is if you had it published elsewhere in the time it took us to make a decision, if you failed to sign the contract, if we don’t mutually agree on the edits/revisions, or if you simply don’t respond to our emails. So, after hundreds of submissions, you are moving forward, just bear with us. We do post a lot of hints on our social media of what to expect in upcoming issues. Make sure you follow/like us on Facebook to keep up, because more than likely, we will be mentioning your submission at some point. Stay tuned! Michael & Cinda, Editors-in-Chief

“Tumor” is a rather nasty tale about an ambulance rushing a patient to a hospital, unwittingly opening a portal to Hell.

Good stuff indeed!

So, website update will occur this weekend, along with work on the new story to continue, and August just around the corner, bringing with it the release of EconoClash Review #2, which will include my tale, “Trappe’s Rest”.

Back at it!

Sleep well…

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