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Back in the saddle again…

Breaking away and catching up on some long overdue reading has been a helpful experience…ideas for my upcoming work began coalescing in the back of my mind which led to some writing this morning.

Stephen King has likened the development of a story from an idea to finding something sticking out of the ground and painstakingly digging it out without damaging it (too much) in the process to see what it is. That’s what this feels like.

I have my antagonist (Luther) and my protagonist (John) and they represent the confrontation of Good vs. Evil, which occurs in Carson’s Mill.

Mill Sign

I’ve set the stage for the events to come with a prologue that occurs in 1951, and we pick up the story again in 2018. As I write, ideas come out of nowhere, the sign that the story is taking the wheel, which is always the best way, at least for me.

I’ve compiled a detailed description of Luther, and have begun looking at portfolios of artists, as I’m thinking of commissioning a portrait to be done that I can then use as a backdrop for the cover.

I don’t think this is a story.

I think this is a book, not just a book, but the first book, and I want to use a fine brush to excavate the idea, to see more and more of it, and include it all as it comes into view.

I want to take my time, to let those ideas simmer and percolate in the back of my mind, then brushing the dust away to see them better so I can write them with focus and clarity in this story. This is not going to happen overnight, and I’ll be doing other things in the meantime, but those excavation sessions will occur when it feels right for them to.

And yes, I’ll continue making time for reading.

Sleep well…

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