• gamiller

Bats in the Belfry…

Various, seemingly unconnected ideas swirling madly, like bats in flight during a full moon…

That’s how story ideas begin. Those random thoughts and ideas begin to grow, to take shape, finally coalescing, connecting the dots on their own.

The trick is to capture them, get them down on paper as quickly as you can. The finessing and fine tuning come later, once the capture is complete.

I’m at that early stage right now. A very old blues song by a very old bluesman, a date carved in Roman numerals, odd sounds and random voices inside a set of headphones, all these things spiraling, waiting for the glue to connect them.

It’ll come, when it’s ready to, as they always do. The frustration is the waiting. Much like waiting for answers on submissions, the waiting is the most difficult part, because it’s out of your hands.

Sometimes, they pop all at once, as happened with the newest one, “Just a little Bloob”. That one may or may not ever see the light of day on the printed page, as it’s dark humor at its darkest. We’ll see…


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