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Busy as a…

Well, I’m not much for bumblebees, so let’s say as busy as these guys…


I have just been honored to be the subject of an interview for a web site we all know, trust, and turn to often. I won’t mention their name, as I think the announcement should be theirs to make, but I’ll certainly celebrate after the fact.

On another front, I’m currently reworking two of my longer pieces, tightening them up in preparation for publication, whether that’ll be traditional or by me, myself, and I.

I still have a bunch of tales out there, wandering the night, and I’m waiting to hear back on their fate. That’s the hard part, the waiting…and waiting…and waiting. That waiting is why I already have the dedication prepared in the event I do self publish this anthology:


That they will be published is not the question. By whom, though… that is the question!

It’s odd, not scouring for new markets every morning as I enjoy my coffee. It’s as though the need to do that has simply turned itself off once I decided to seriously consider self publication. I don’t want to send anything else out there right now, as that would start a new cycle of waiting for a response.

I do need to be careful and not just dive in, though…there are a ton of considerations, many of which I probably haven’t even considered yet. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Research and read, read and research…that’s the ticket.

Oh, and patience. That too.

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