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Busy Day…

A busy day, but a good day. Started off with hot coffee and my favorite breakfast, courtesy of my wife, and then Steph and Stuart at the Horror Tree posted a brand new short of mine titled “Test Case” in today’s Trembling With Fear column.

It’s about a Baby Boomer, not quite Archie Bunker (but would enjoy a beer or two with Archie) trying to understand and make sense of what he’s become… well, click the link above and you’ll see.

As we speak, I’m in the process of setting up a new office computer. Giving these old peepers a rest, I went with the HP Envy 27″ All-In-One, with some serious specs under its hood.


(I’ll do a photo of my desk once the dust settles…it’s all wires and computers at the moment.)

Once the parade of updates finishes, I’ll stage a network transition of all my programs and files from the Dell laptop I’ve been using in the office and hope it will finish by the time I have to start work in the morning. It’s getting crowded in there at the moment.

Once the transfer finishes, I’ll work with the new HP, and correct the inevitable glitches as I find them. It’ll be a week or so, I expect, and I’ll leave the Dell laptop “as-is” until such a time as I know I won’t need anything further from it. At that point, I’ll do a factory restore on it to return it to its new state, and find a home for it.

I’ll hope to get some writing done during the transition, especially with a seed of a new idea for a short story clanking around up there, but I’ll play it safe and at least jot some notes down while the transfer is taking place. That way, I won’t lose it if (when) I have to go into full geek mode to facilitate a smooth move onto the big boy.

Whoops, heard a sound from the office… updates should be completed, let’s go and stage the transfer!

Sleep well…

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