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Busy day!

Wow…I am not only back in the saddle, but the horses are racing!

Let’s start with the new one. “Daydream Believer”, a tale about a man who falls back on violent daydreams as an escape from his temper issues…

I have to keep a handle on my temper, you see. Once the ex slapped a restraining order on me just before she filed for divorce, I had to make sure I didn’t give her or the courts any ammunition that would cause problems at work. As a financial adviser, I have to maintain the persona of the cool and collected professional, not given to emotional outbursts of any kind. That would tank my reputation in a heartbeat. I do have a temper though, and it’s a raging beast. Luckily, I also have an active imagination, which has proven to be my only safe outlet. A man can’t be convicted for his thoughts, at least not yet. I did see a therapist, as ordered by the court, and he wasted no time in writing me a script for Prozac. I filled it promptly, assuming they’d be tracking it, and dutifully put the bottle in the medicine cabinet. If I ever decide to take one, I know where to find them.

With this one I broke tradition and decided to write in first person POV, to make it more personal and hopefully add more impact to the finale. My readers will let me know if I was successful.

DDB Cover

And this evening, as my bride and I enjoyed too much wine and had a wonderful conversation, in comes a fantastic email from the good folks at Gathering Storm magazine, with attachments to use in publicizing the upcoming release…

Cover Image 2-9

I was impressed by the cover, but was absolutely blown away by the layout within…it looks like the New Yorker magazine!


I can’t wait to get my bloodied hands on a physical copy of this one!

Yeah, I’m back, and running full speed ahead. Next up, I need to finish the new short story and then get down to some serious work on the novel.

It ain’t gonna write itself…

Sleep well…

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