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Difficult Progress

It’s easy to use your imagination when all is well in the real world, not so much so when life adds a difficult twist. I lost a good friend yesterday, after his long battle with health issues, and his uplifting, positive persona fills my thoughts and memories now.

I spent the day today working on a web site for my Dark Half doppelganger, G.A. Miller, focusing on the task of getting the code right, getting the site to display as I wanted it to on any and all devices. The tedium of coding kept my thoughts of my friend positive, whereas getting into that dark place where the ‘What If’ engine often takes me, would have caused me to focus on loss and pain, not allowing me to even think of story, much less write one.

Progress? Yes. Difficult? Absolutely. Trying to keep a positive spin on it, which is exactly what he’d be telling me to do, if only he were here…

I won’t claim it’s my best work as far as sites go, but it is working perfectly on all devices I’ve tested on, and it is dark, which fits the bill accordingly. Links are available on the side of this column, as well as at the bottom of this page, for those who wish to have a look.

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