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Early New Year

As I wait (impatiently) for what should be the final e-proof from Ingram on my collection of 2017 work, I’ve put the latest 2 shorts into the 2018 Work folder, to get a jump on things.

Those stories are “Fill ‘Er Up”, a perfect Twilight Zone occurrence set in 1959, and then “Malone’s Hand”, a dying patient telling an unbelievable story to his visitor with his last breath.

They will lead the 2018 effort, which will include my first (gulp) effort at outlining a novel, then writing and collecting the pieces together. I’ve always been what they call a “pantser”, writing on the fly, the story and the characters driving it along. It works very well for short stories, but I doubt it would be a practical approach to a novel.

Meantime, both those new stories have been submitted to new markets, I’ve just sent “Tumor” to Dennis Serra to see if he’d like to add it to a future Evil Podcast episode, and once my e-proof is approved, we’ll go to press and print a very limited run of all my 2017 work, both to give as gifts, and also (let’s be honest) for my own bookshelf.

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