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Enter the Drabble…

Steph and Stuart, editors at The Horror Tree, regularly publish super short pieces of exactly 100 words on the site, and refer to these pieces as Drabbles.

I’d never tried to write anything that short before, so…Challenge Accepted!

As these are non paying submissions entered as a means of giving back for all the terrific leads The Horror Tree provides, it is acceptable to have had them published elsewhere, so why not put it up here, for your enjoyment? Then, if it’s accepted and published on The Horror Tree, you can say you knew it when…

The title is “Dad”…

“Wha?” Bobby shook his head, still groggy. A nightmare. Screams, and a heavy, wet, thumping sound, then silence. He opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the darkness, and gasped when he saw the tall silhouette standing between his bed and Jimmy’s bed. As the figure turned, Bobby relaxed. It was just Dad, probably came in to check on the boys. Maybe he’d yelled in his sleep? As Dad turned, he lifted Jimmy’s baseball bat, which looked different somehow. It was darker, and looked wet in the dim light. Bobby saw a grim smile on his father’s face. “Now, you…”

Sleep well…

(Edit, 12/16/2017 – Story accepted, contract signed this morning. Release date TBA)



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