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Even a broken clock…

…is right twice a day.

Part of my annual Halloween horror film festival is the annual viewing of Plan 9 From Outer Space, which is arguably the worst movie of all time.

While I don’t disagree with that dubious distinction, the film does have it’s moments. For example, when Tor Johnson crawls out of his grave, the lighting from below and his surprisingly good makeup combine for an effective image:

Combining Tor with Vampira was also a very good idea:

Other than that, however, the film is a worthy laugh fest, and not much more. It’s very sad that this film marked the end of Bela Lugosi’s career. Watching the footage of a visibly sick Lugosi in his cape, trying to project the image of Dracula is very sad indeed. I’ve always preferred to remember Bela in the original, when he was at his best.

Now that I’m alone in the house, it’s time for the one movie I can never watch when Anita is home, as she absolutely cannot handle it for a number of reasons…

When she’s home, I stick to the tried and true classics…

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