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Getting back into the swing of things…

The last week has been a new challenge for me, which occupied most of my attention, but it was worth it.

My wife and I joined Weight Watchers, and I found out at tonight’s weigh-in at the meeting that I lost 10.2 pounds already, so it’s safe to say this works!

It also served as a great inspiration for a new story…take someone going on a diet program, and combine that with a call for submissions for horror stories that involve pizza? Challenge Accepted!

The story is called “Pie”, and it’s about ready for another editing pass, and then it’s off to the publishers for their consideration.

Woke up this morning to a happy message in my email, Econoclash Review very much liked my story “Trappe’s Rest”, and would like to include it in their next issue! First acceptance of the new year, and a great wake up on a Monday morning for me.

Their forte is Pulp/Noir/Horror, and “Trappe’s Rest” has that vibe to it, so I believe it will be a very good fit.

ECR one
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