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Good day at the keyboard…

Wound up scrapping “Antisocial Media”, at least for the time being, as I had a reason to bring that main character over to “Bogeyman”, and include him in that story. Spent a lot of time blending that, and slicing and dicing some unnecessary stuff, to make the story leaner, and more focused, and it has come along quite nicely, IMHO.

Sorry, Stu, but you were the perfect fit for a Red Shirt in this tale, and we know what happens to the Red Shirts, now don’t we?

I think “Bogeyman” is very strong, and ready to be shopped around. Need to spend some time reviewing markets, and try to find a good fit for it. That’ll be homework for tonight, I think.

Lots going on in Carson’s Mill these days, it seems…getting to be a very busy location, between “Bogeyman” and “Dinner At Eight”.

Looking ahead, even though it’s just mid-April, if I’m going to have something ready for the holiday season, I should start thinking about that soon. After all, Christmas sneaks up on us, faster than we expect…doesn’t it?

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