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I’ve learned that I don’t really give “routine” its due. This past week, the house has been turned upside down with a full bathroom makeover, 10 yard dumpster in the driveway, dust everywhere, oh and… best hope Nature calls and you get to take care of business before the work begins!

Still, the bathroom is going to be awesome when it’s finished, and it’s long overdue, so…

With all this going on, I wasn’t able to dig deep into the book. I did do some peripheral work, adding a great new outlining program to the lineup, getting the web site up to date, scribbled down a new idea or two to develop later, and also assembled a “line in the sand” project.

I’ve assembled all the stories I’ve done so far in a Word file, and prepped it for printing. I also created a PDF of it as a backup, complete with a working table of contents. I had no real reason to do it, but it was a great exercise in formatting a manuscript in Word for printing, and it will also serve as a marker. This is what I’ve done up to now, let’s stamp it and move on. It’ll allow me to mark my own progress, to see how my writing matured (hopefully) as the stories kept coming out. A chance to read and see why some things work and others don’t, so I can apply those lessons going forward.

Dreams Cover

The bathroom should be done this coming week, so we’re hoping things get back to normal soon.

I want my routine back.

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