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It is time…

Time to step out of my comfort zone, and get to work, I mean serious work – writing a book.

I already have a gaggle of short stories, and have learned a great deal about writing, and about myself, in the course of writing them. Don’t get me wrong, the shorts will still come when they come, I have no plans to abandon them. I just need to take the next step.

Funny how things come about. My wife and I were driving home last night, having gone out for dinner, and I gave her an overview of the new story I was working on. She said that premise had so many things to explore that I should write it as a book, rather than just a story.

So here’s the plan. I’ve finished it this morning as a story (because those standing at the open door on an aircraft damn well better have a parachute on), and I’ll use that story as the seed from which I’ll try and grow it into a book.

Yeah…it’s time…

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