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Marion’s Rest…

I’d considered Bed & Breakfast, then Dead & Breakfast, but finally settled on Marion’s Rest as the name of the new story.

After all, that’s the name of the B&B in the story, so let’s go with that. The first draft is complete, and it reads very well overall. I’ll revisit it, make changes and corrections, as usual, but it’s complete, and tells the tale.

Not something I’d want to do on a regular basis, but this ending was written in a fit of anger over something completely unrelated. That anger comes through in the new scenes, but it fits and fuels the gruesome events very well.

Oh, William…what have you done now?

Now we understand the nocturnal noises…and the foul odors…and the missing people, and much more.

What we don’t understand is, why are there so many strange things happening in the quiet little village of Carson’s Mill?


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