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Moving along…

Nice to wake up early, rested, and ready to do some work! As we approach lunch time, the book is slightly over 10K words, and the new short story is at about 1K, the fist “act” now complete. The seeds for what will happen later have been planted. Lots to be done in both projects, but no time card to punch.

In addition, I set up a perfect version of my anthology, “What If?” in Scrivener, and compiled it for Kindle. A few tweaks here and there to conform to the Kindle way of doing things, and it’s now uploaded to Amazon, and renders perfectly on all my devices, looks as though it had been published by Amazon themselves.

I have a couple print copies of the revised edition that I had done at Lulu.com, and they look great. The template I used is perfect for a print layout, and here again, I have a hard copy that looks as though it had been professionally done.

I’ve long been a do-it-yourself kinda guy, and have just transposed that mindset into my writing. Early efforts were terrible, loaded with formatting errors, but that’s the beauty of learning as you go. I can easily see the progress in the two editions, and can apply what I’ve learned here to future projects.

On another front, I’m eagerly looking forward to tomorrow, April 16th, and the premiere of my new short story, “The Dot”, appearing on Dennis Serra’s Evil Podcast. (The Evil Podcast) This will be the third story that has appeared on his show, and this one has never been seen (or heard) elsewhere, except for the excerpt from it that I provided for my interview on The Horror Tree. (Horror Tree Interview)

This story has a definite Twilight Zone vibe to it, and also features another appearance of that tall man in black, the one that my book is about. There’s en excerpt about him in a blog post I recently put up, if you’d like to have a peek. (Epiphany…)

What’s that, you say? Time for lunch already?

Sleep well…

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