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Not dead, just busy…

It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog post, and those have been busy weeks. We replaced three windows in the house, one a very large window in our living room, and then a fresh coat of paint when the dust had settled. The new windows are so much more energy efficient than what was there before, I think we’ll save in all seasons by better containing heat and cool air.


Then I measured out and installed the new hardware for the curtains, we set those up, and put the room back together again.


The room is every bit as comfortable as it appears in the photo above, which just happens to be my writing space. In that recliner, the laptop on my lap, tapping away just as I’m doing right now to pen this post.

In addition, I’ve been doing a ton of HTML editing for our new photographic website, and a little surprise for my readers as well.

Once all these projects are finished, I hope the results will be enjoyed!

(And then I can get back to my writing… and other things)


As always, sleep well…

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