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Odd Couple

Joe Bannon and Felix Perez, my two detectives from “Bequeath” are about to make their second appearance in “Ghost Writer”, which will appear on the Astounding Outpost website in December, and then in their “Ghosts, Ghouls, and Grave Robbers” anthology, which will debut on Amazon in January.

I modeled Bannon after Jerry Orbach’s great Lennie Briscoe character on the long running Law & Order TV series. He’s a jaded cop that’s seen it all and copes by making wisecracks and not letting it get to him. Perez considers him “a good cop, but blunt as a rock.”

Perez is a young man, new detective, partnered with Bannon to learn the ropes, much like the Chico Gonzalez character paired with Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character in the first film.

I wanted that kind of contrast, to make the interplay between them interesting, even though it has been somewhat limited in the two stories thus far.

I foresee these two making their way into future stories, especially where the unnatural events may challenge Bannon’s tendency to not let the job get to him. He’s already seen things in these two tales that are anything but the usual, run of the mill crimes that he’s investigated for so long. Wonder what they’ll be assigned to look into next?

We shall see…

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