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Open House

After last week’s coding marathon, the new site is up and running smoothly… I believe I’ve corrected all the typos and fixed all the broken links, at least as far as I know, so I posted the address in my author page at Facebook and also on Twitter to invite people to stop in and take it for a test drive.


I’ll spend some time today cleaning and tightening the code and do another review for any errors I may have missed, then wait to see what people say.

I did get one very encouraging comment from Carl R. Jennings, a talented author I’ve had the privilege to appear with in a publication:


Thursday night, after my wife went to bed, I was looking at my phone when a conversation between a bartender and his sole customer popped into my head. I opened a writing app on the phone and wrote as much as I had so far, then saved it and hit the rack. Friday was a slow day at work, so I was able to flesh it out between my customer calls, and then after work, I was able to let the story take me where it wanted to go.

“A Quiet Evening” is the result, and has been added to the roster.

I have to say, it is sooo nice to be writing stories again after the code marathon last weekend!

Hmm, the level of coffee in my mug is dangerously low… must fix that!

Sleep well…

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