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I created a small village called Carson’s Mill, located it in southern Rhode Island, populated it, and then used it as a location for a story called “Bogeyman”, which seemed pretty good.

Next, I followed that up with a new story about a Bed & Breakfast called “Marion’s Rest”, which had a significant tie to the antagonist in “Bogeyman”, and that also seemed pretty good.

Recently, I decided to revisit Carson’s Mill some two years later, and write a followup story to “Bogeyman” called “Spirit of the Dead”, which served as a closure to the trilogy. And it seemed better.

A lot better, to be honest.

I’d already submitted the first two, so I waited and watched. And then, one was rejected. And today, the other was rejected.

And that is a good thing. Because hindsight really is pretty damn sharp, and this will allow me to revisit those first two, improve the weak points I identified after the fact, and tie all three together as a much improved novella.

That will also allow me to introduce a new antagonist, who will make a profound return to our little village.

Stephen King has Castle Rock. I have Carson’s Mill. It’s all good.

By the way, welcome to any and all new readers at Goodreads! I’ve been approved for an Author page there, and have tied this blog to that page, so whatever I write here should echo there.

Wait, does that mean I have to behave?

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