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The house is quiet, the sounds of laundry being done in the basement muted. The dog is curled up in his bed, clearly dreaming about a chase, his rear legs twitching. My writing laptop is back on my lap in this recliner, and the spirit of Halloween fills the air.

Is there a better time and place to write than this? I don’t think so…

I’ve just finished work on two brand new short stories, one of which began as a homework assignment for the course I’m taking and the other one a combination of two recent ideas I had.

I like them both, one a bit more than the other perhaps, but… they both do their jobs, and that is the goal, after all.

My novella, “Spirit of the Dead”, went live yesterday on Amazon, and is offered free from today through Halloween. My goal is to hopefully earn some good reviews and draw attention to the rest of my work.

Spirit Paperback Cover

This will be available on Amazon as a Kindle book, and will be offered at booksellers in paperback via Lulu. My first ever self publishing venture, and while I fully expect to make mistakes along the way, I hope to learn from them for the future.

I’ll take the lessons I learn from this and implement them for the next release I’m planning, a collection of 13 short stories…

Thirteen Front

I foresee this also being available in both Kindle and paperback formats, and may seek local distribution at a nearby bookstore as well, one that features work by local authors.

I recently made a little progress on the novel too… not a lot, mind you, with all else going on, but it’s still being worked. All things in due time, as they say.

I should soon see the Association of Rhode Island Authors 2018 Anthology being released, which features my story “The Dot”, my copy of Trembling With Fear Year One will be arriving tomorrow with some of my work in it, and the recent release of “Trappe’s Rest” in EconoClash Review # 2 has already earned praise in its first review.

Good stuff indeed!

And now, it’s time to get back to work on final edits for the two new stories…

Sleep well…

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