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Prep underway

The more I think about it, the more enticing the idea of self publishing is becoming. The worst part of the traditional publishing route is the waiting for responses from a variety of publishers to whom you’ve submitted, keeping track of what went where, and when you might expect a response…on and on.

Well, I already have a full time job, thank you. I don’t need another.

The simple reality…I’m not going to make a boatload of money whether my shorts get accepted at a few of the places they’ve been submitted to, nor will I if I publish myself, so why the hell not give it a try?

Fair is fair…I’ll wait to hear back from the submissions I have making the rounds now, or at least most of them, before I pull the plug. I will properly withdraw them by contacting the publishers, as professionalism will be maintained, and then once they’re all back from their vacations on other screens, we’ll learn how to self publish.

Excited? You bet I am. Love to learn new stuff! Did some serious design work today, in preparation, too.

Ebook Cover:


Print Cover:

Web Cover

Working on the interior format as we speak… stay tuned!

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