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Proofs are in…

The print proofs I had made are in, and they look good. The cover is great, but I’d prefer to make some changes to the interior formatting. Still and all, not bad…

Book 1
Book 3

A good start, and a good learning experience, to be sure. I’ll move forward with the project, keeping the cover, and tweaking the interior formatting to get it exactly where I want it.

Also this week, I decided to send the newest story, The Dot, and let Dennis Serra have a look at it, and see if he’d like to use it in The Evil Podcast. I already have so many out at various publishers that I wanted to take this one in a different direction. He’ll read it over the weekend, and let me know.

That’s it for now…time to get ready to go out for dinner at a good Mexican restaurant.

Fajitas, anyone?

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