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Quality time with the guys…

Instead of focusing on the print screwup as I wait to hear back from Ingram, I’m staying busy by spending time with my characters, getting to know them better as they get involved with the events taking place in the novel…

We have two detectives working together that we’ve met briefly before, in “Bequeath” and “Ghost Writer.”

Joe Bannon, the senior man, reminds me of Jerry Orbach’s Lenny Briscoe on the original Law & Order series. Been around forever, knows everyone, wisecracks all the time.

He’s paired with Felix Perez, younger and less experienced. Felix reminds me of the Chico Gonzalez character teamed with Eastwood in the original Dirty Harry movie.

These personalities could make for some interesting interactions:

Perez had just put his cell back in his jacket pocket when it buzzed again. He closed his eyes and shook his head as he reached for it. “Jeeze Kid, you’re pretty popular today.” “I’m sorry Joe, it’s my wife again. She needs me to pick up a bunch of stuff for Christmas Eve.” “Shopping now? Oh, that’s gonna be murder.” “No, it’s all food. She needs to bring a few things to her mother for the feast.” “The feast?” “Her mother’s very religious. Every Christmas Eve, she has to make the feast of the seven fishes.” “Feast of the seven fishes? You serious, kid? That sounds like something you’d order at a wise guy’s restaurant.” Bannon chuckled. “You never met my wife’s mother…” Perez countered. “I’ll stick to my own tradition.” “Oh? What tradition is that?” “The feast of the seven Irish bachelors.” “Never heard of that one…is it also fish?” “Nah. Pizza and a six pack.”
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