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Relax and rethink…

I’ve just spent six hours editing a manuscript, working a cover design, and then updating my website. Pretty busy for a relaxing Saturday!

That’s OK, it’s all part of the plan.

I’m changing tactics now, hopefully maturing as a writer at the same time. Now, it’ll all be about the story, and I’ll follow it where it wants to go.


Word count, theme, genre, none of that matters. The story matters, and it’ll tell me all I need to know, including when it’s said what it needs to say. I’ve tried conforming an existing story to fit a submission requirement more than once, and it almost always ended badly (with one notable exception involving an ending change). Most times, if I try and add to a story to meet a word count, it’s just crap, and takes away from the tale. If it had been meant to be there, it would have been from the start.

Also, I’m not gonna “sit by the telephone” like the stereotypical wallflower in fiction, waiting in vain for a response, ANY response to all those submissions floating around out there. Those editors have lives, have their own priorities, and they’ll decide when they decide. Makes a lot more sense to simply forget about them, and move on to the next story that wants to be told.

That doesn’t preclude having a backup plan, though. I’ve selected 13 stories, mainly the newest ones, certainly strong ones, and have collated them into an anthology collection in Scrivener and Word. Designed a cover for it too, which you might just see peeking up from below.

If the editors to whom I’ve submitted these tales elect to take a pass on them, then I’ll self publish them myself. Let’s be honest, I’m not gonna make a fortune on these either way, but the stories are good, they’re solid, and they deserve to be read and (hopefully) appreciated by readers.

We’ll see how it plays out….till then, as always…

Sleep Well…

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