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Just looking back…since I began this writing journey in January of 2017, I’ve completed one novella and thirty-three short stories. I have my first novel in the works, and am following Stephen King’s advice, uncovering the buried treasure a little at a time, carefully, insuring I do as little damage as possible while I unearth it.

It’s a great analogy, and describes the process, at least as it works for me, quite well. I get an idea for a section, or an event, or even a conversation, and off I go. I create a new section in Scrivener, title it, and write out the piece that’s banging on the inside of my head, begging to be released.

Once done, I look at it as a manuscript where I can easily move those sections around, lining them up in the order that makes the most sense, which is very cool indeed.

It’s an entirely different process with short stories…those form as a central idea, and then fill in the blanks on their own as I write, as I try to keep up. After the initial frenzy, I wait a little while (but not too long, patience not being a strong suit) and then revisit them, making changes as I read, going through uncountable edits and changes until it lets me know it’s finished.

I’ve found markets for some of them, and greatly enjoy seeing them get out there in those anthologies, being part of a carefully curated sampling for readers to enjoy. If only I could go back in time, I know the perfect place I’d have submitted my work to…


What a perfect fit they’d have been here…ah well, let’s move forward and do the best we can.

Sleep well…

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