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The idea to do a follow up collection of short stories occurred to me recently when I realized all the stories I’d published in various books and magazines had reached the end of exclusivity in their contracts. I thought if I combined some that had been published with some brand new ones, it might be a good follow up to my previous collection titled “Thirteen”.

I started work on the project recently, in hopes of a Friday the 13th release date, which occurs in September. I completed the first full draft today!

This book also contains 13 stories in it, and none of those are repeats of the ones in “Thirteen”, as that would be cheating my readers… and I won’t do that.

I still need to review the entire book, search for any errors, issues in formatting going from Word to Kindle, and so on, but I do believe I’ll have that completed in time for launch day.

Sleep well…

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