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Sorry, you can't buy these...

Well, they're not for sale, you see... so you can't buy them.

But, you can win them!

Between May 1 and May 16th, head to this link and enter to win a set of unreleased proofs from the dungeon!

Hell Sent Me Back is a shot collection of things I wrote while battling severe depression after our little dog Willie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14. That was extremely hard to get beyond. I had a handful printed for friends, but never released this in any form.

Walk In The Dark will be released in paperback, as I felt the hardcover price was prohibitive. I had just 5 uncorrected proof copies printed in hardcover, and this is one of those copies. It weighs in at about 368 pages and includes a bunch of short stories, drabbles, and a novella.

I'm offering the prize to help support the great efforts of Stuart, Steph and the Horror Tree crew in all they do to support new writers and offer helpful articles, interviews, and the best source for open calls that I've found.

I won't be involved in the selection of the winner - that goes to Captain Stuart and the command crew on the bridge - but the books will be signed and personalized to the winner, so go right ahead and take a chance!

Good Luck!

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