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Or, as our friends across the pond would say, Gobsmacked.  “The Edge: Infinite Darkness” released yesterday, and stirred up far more attention than I’d have anticipated. Kudos to publisher Patrick Reuman for his marketing savvy!

The reviews have begun landing, and they are incredible:

Reviews Page

I need to save all these and revisit them on the bad days, which we all have. I’ll stow them away in the secret hiding place…


Whoops….well, it was secret…

In other news, I joined Author Central, and now have an author page at Amazon as well as the one at Goodreads. Simply click this to check out the new Amazon page.

Time to relax a bit now…my wife and I are planning to go and chase a sunset this evening, so my next post will likely be at Smug Mug, as long as the weather holds.

Sleep well…

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