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A few items of interest over the last few days…on July 14, I’d posted this:

Saturday morning, the house quiet. I sit in the recliner with my laptop and the dog is curled up sleeping on the couch. A hot cup of coffee sits on the small end table to my right and the pleasure of a slow and easy waking is in progress. Just sent off “Tumor” to Gathering Storm Magazine, encouraged by their aim to try and respond within 15 days. I wish all publishers would adhere to a shorter turnaround time in their responses. Yes, they’re busy people, yes they have lives and other obligations beyond reading, I get it.

Well, they were true to their word, and I had a response on July 27, letting me know I’d moved to Phase 3 for a final decision, and then on Sunday, July 29, another message telling me that “Tumor” had been accepted for Gathering Storm Magazine #9.

What a pleasure – not just the acceptance, which is always a rush, but also the speed with which the whole process took place.

Nice! Much appreciated, especially in contrast to the months of waiting that generally follow a submission! Thank you Gathering Storm!


Also over the weekend, I decided to get a solid handle on formatting a manuscript for print publication, and that worked out very well. A good learning experience, and a good looking final as well. I liked it so much, I dragged it into Scrivener, and compiled it as a Kindle book.

Screenshot_20180731-174531_Amazon Kindle

As the title implies, “Thirteen” consists of 13 stories, mostly newer works, including “The Man in the Cloud”, written this past weekend after our vacation. I think the ones I chose work well together.

Lastly, I also formatted “Spirit of the Dead”, my novella, and updated the cover design. That’s been out for submission since April, and if it’s not chosen by the publisher, I’m going to self publish and learn that process next. I’d like to see that on the shelf in time for Halloween.

Speaking of horror, it’s time to get ready to go to work.

Sleep well…

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