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Summer Job…

Well, not in the traditional sense. Not delivering newspapers or mowing lawns, anyway.

No, the goal is to prepare for a new launch in the fall. A new domain, new website, new goodies to be available for readers, all leading up to a self published anthology of short stories.

That’s the plan…

To that end, the domain has been acquired, along with the SSL certificate to insure privacy for visitors, and work has begun on the new digs:


I’ll be feverishly crunching HTML code until my eyes bleed to get it up and running, so there might be a bit of a delay in new work being announced…well, unless anyone has a fondness for reading code snippets?

I’m not planning an onsite store, but will provide links to anything available on Amazon, so desired purchases can be made through proper channels there. There will be sample stories, podcasts to listen to, and other goodies, such as the app for Android devices.

There’s an app for me?



I’ve been working a bit on the novel, and just completed a new short titled “Twelve Forty-Five”, which will be sent off on Sunday in hopes of landing publication this fall. I’m waiting to hear back from Amazing Stories and Cemetery Dance on the submissions I have there, as well as others still floating around in that vacuum submitted stories tend to wind up in.

But, for the short term at least, it’ll be code pummeled out on this keyboard unless the Muse lands and demands my attention for a new idea.

When that happens, I listen.

I may be crazy, but I ain’t no fool.

If you need me, just follow the sound of clicking keys and muttered curses.

Oh, and the aroma of pizza.

Sleep well…

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