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Thank you, and Welcome!

A word of thanks and welcome to those folks who have chosen to follow this blog…I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

I have three short stories slated for publication in the upcoming months:

1.) “Bequeath”, appearing in the debut issue of Hinnom Magazine from Gehenna & Hinnom publishers

2.) “Shower Time”, appearing in Patrick Reuman’s anthology titled THE EDGE : INFINITE DARKNESS

3.) “Ear Wax”, appearing in “Year’s Best Body Horror Anthology 2017”, also from Gehenna & Hinnom publishers

In addition, I have a number of stories in submission right now, awaiting decisions from the publishers, so this list will hopefully expand soon.

I’ve just completed my first novella, consisting of three parts, and look forward to seeing that published when it finds its publishing home (discussions are underway).

I’ll keep this blog up to date with new work and with new release info. As you’ll see looking through previous posts, there’s a lot of “thinking out loud” there, which offers insight into the stories as they’ve developed. I don’t foresee that changing much, as I’ve always liked watching the progress of works I’m interested in.

So, welcome aboard, and thank you for your interest. I’ll try my best to make time spent here worthwhile.

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