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The Bride…

My wife said she was going to apply a beauty treatment the other night, some sort of “skin mask” engineered to provide deep cleansing…and then she came out of the bathroom. She calls this a beauty treatment, but I call it…

More good news arrived yesterday afternoon. I joined the Association of Rhode Island Authors this year, as a means of networking and learning from those with more experience than I.

Well, just before the end of a busy work week yesterday, in came an email informing me that my Twilight Zone influenced story, “The Dot”, has been accepted for inclusion in the 2018 ARIA Anthology! This on the heels of being accepted so quickly last week for my EC styled tale in Strange Stories magazine!

Good stuff, all good. I’ve just started work on a new story that I’m going to title “12:45”, in homage to my dear friend Al, who wrote a song by that name many moons ago. The tale has nothing to do with the song at all, but the time plays an important part in the events that are happening.

I’ve spent the morning assembling and installing cabinets that my wife bought at IKEA into our newly renovated bathroom. She is happy, they look good, and she’s already begun populating the shelves, so perhaps I can cobble together something for lunch and then squeeze some writing in!

We shall see…

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