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The Dot…

The year is 1961. President Kennedy, the youngest president ever, is in the White House, promising great new advances for the country, but that’s not important to most six year old kids, not at all.

No, six year old Bobby is much more fascinated by the shrinking white dot on their old B&W TV screen when it’s turned off.

tv off

Is that dot moving? Do those pictures go someplace, or do they stay in the back of the set, waiting for the next time it turns on?

Bobby is very curious about that dot….well, until the night of his dream, that is.

The dream where that strange man with the creepy smile spoke to him from inside the TV, the picture now bright, crystal clear, and in vivid color. The creepy man that asked him if he wanted to step in and join him, actually reached for him right through the glass, just as his mother’s alarm clock went off.

Oh, if that alarm hadn’t rung just then…

When we wake from a bad dream, it’s supposed to be over, finished, done with.

We should not be watching the news one night, a reporter on scene at a terrible fire describing the tragedy, and notice one man in the background standing out in vivid, colorful detail against everything else in the usual fuzzy black and white.

That man smiling a predatory smile, the one that says Oh yes, Bobby, I’m still here. I’m here waiting for you to join me…

The vivid, scary man in full color that no one else seems to see.

And this time, it’s not a dream at all.

Sleep well…

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