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The Filling Station…

We call them gas stations now, and we pull in to top off the gas tank so we can continue on our way without giving it much thought, right? We might get a snack, a drink, even a quick trip to the bathroom, but it’s no more than a pit stop along the way.

Sometimes, the Muse needs a refill too, a chance to sit back and relax while we pour in gallons of fresh fuel for them to feast on and kick the engine of imagination into high gear once again.

The time has come for me to stop at a special filling station, and I am prepared. No, I’m not driving a credit card at high speed into my head and then drinking from a fuel hose (although that might be an interesting story idea someday). I’m simply going to enjoy the two hardcover books that arrived in the mail yesterday…


I’ll have seventeen days to relax and enjoy this trip down memory lane before Stephen King’s new novel “The Outsider” releases on May 22nd. Those who know me well know that I will have that book in my hands on release day, and the world around me will come to a screeching halt as I enter the world Stephen King has created once more.

Once I come out at the other end, it’ll be very interesting to see what my Muse makes of all the fresh input it’s feasted on. All I need do to prepare is to keep an open mind and a blank page ready to go.

Sleep well…

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