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The hardest part…

Good, productive week. Finished the first edit on the new story, “Nightmare”, placed 4 submissions to new markets, and did some strict editing on some of the earliest stories I’d started with.

Hopefully, that’ll get them past the “It’s just not for us” phase that they’ve been stuck in. You learn as you go, and you realize that what seemed important to mention in a first draft really does nothing to move the story along. Slice and dice, trim the fat, make it tight.

And that’s what I did with a couple of the oldies. Let’s see if that makes them more attractive to new eyes.

Still have the vague ideas concerning the discovery of the old blues man, and the song he never released, but not enough to get it down yet. I think I’m going to start with what I have, and see where the story leads me. Worst case, we’ll get a foundation poured to build on.


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