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The long road back…

It has been a hard couple of months, but it’s finally changing for the better. I scribbled a 100 word Drabble to describe how it feels:

Two months ago, I walked into the pitch blackness of the Netherworld, neither knowing nor caring if I’d ever see the morning light again.I drag and crawl back to the surface now, scarred, bloody and broken. Every inch of progress is an agonizing effort, but I cannot falter… I’ve seen the alternative. The tortured screams are a siren song of the damned and they echo in my mind without end, beckoning me to surrender.There are no prison walls more confining than one’s own mind and no sentinel at the locked door more torturous than the one named Depression.

There were too many things going on, too many long-standing things crumbling, and that made it impossible to read, much less try to write.

As part of my effort to get back in the swing of things, I released a collection of some of my better (IMHO) short stories, available now on Amazon – click the link here.

Thirteen Front

My “human half” is still undergoing several life-changing events, but is on the mend and hoping to be back to normal soon. I haven’t yet returned to any social media platforms, and may choose to make some changes with those. Time will tell, of course.

Let the evening begin.

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