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Time for something new…

A few months ago, I had to take antibiotics for a particularly hideous carbuncle in my back that was the result of an infected cyst. My wife pressed on it, and the blood spray across the ceiling (yes, the ceiling) looked like a scene from CSI.

I jotted down some basic story ideas, and promptly tucked them away, as I had a few other things working at the time, and then the idea popped in my head of its own accord this week. I saw new angles to it, new characters in it, and followed the Muse down the well used path to “What If?”, and out it came.

Welcome to “Soul Eater”

She peeled the bandage off the boil on his back and let it drop on the couch behind him. She began licking the open wound, making an obscene slobbering sound. Dan felt his stomach do a slow roll at the thought of this hairy creature licking his flesh but was powerless to make her stop. He then felt pressure, followed by intense pain as something sharp pressed into the open wound, probing deep into his back. He retched as he realized the probe was wiggling as it invaded him. It must be her tongue with a sharp pointed end, no tool could wiggle like that. Dan moaned, then tried to speak…

Poor Dan…he’s really not having a good day, and it’s probably not going to get much better.

Sleep well…

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