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Having been associated with the print industry since 1973, I believe it’s fair to say I know a little about how it works.

Just received my copy of Gathering Storm Magazine, Year 2, Issue 9, and the layout, print quality, even the stock used is all high quality. This is an impressive product, and one I’m proud to be featured in!


They also sourced art from a number of artists, and coupled those pieces with the stories within, which adds to the appearance:


I was saddened to hear that this is to be the final issue of GSM, but am optimistic that the publishers stated they have new plans underway, and will be looking out for whatever their next venture is.

Still waiting for news on the release for EconoClash Review #2, as that should have gone to press by now. Who knows, maybe over the weekend?

We shall see.

Sleep well…

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