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Trembling With Fear

As those who follow my work know, I often contribute short stories and hundred word Drabbles to Steph Ellis and Stuart Conover for the Trembling With Fear column at the Horror Tree.

For the entire time I’ve been writing horror tales, I’ve found their site to be the best resource of all for finding markets and publishers to submit work to. I’ve had a few stories published in a number of print publications courtesy of all the hard work Steph and Stuart do for us.

There are a few different ways to help support them in their efforts. They do have a Patreon open, my fellow writers can submit their work to be included on the site to help attract new readers to the page, and now we have another option.


Steph and Stuart have compiled the contributions from a wide variety of authors into an anthology volume, which will drop at Amazon on Tuesday, October 16th. You’ll find short stories, one hundred word Drabbles, and dark poetry within this book, providing a wealth of reading in small, snack sized portions.

(You know… kinda like Vampire bites.)

I’ve pre-ordered my copy, and if you’d like to join me and get one for yourselves, here’s a convenient link for you. Click on over and get your copy today, won’t you?

Trembling With Fear – Year One

Sleep well…

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