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Truth is stranger then fiction…

OK, let’s be honest here…it’s critical to what happened, after all.

We fart. We have bodies that produce gas, based on what we eat, and that gas makes its way out. It sometimes just makes noise, and it sometimes carries a revolting payload, causing all around us to react. It is what it is.

My wife and I joke all the time about how the little “poof” (hereafter referred to as “a little bloob”) carries a far more potent payload than the loud, tearing leather sound varieties do.

One day, the “What If?” engine kicked in, and I wrote a short story titled “Just A Little Bloob” as a lark, and I found it to be pretty funny. I was browsing the Horror Tree site one day, and they were soliciting stories as a means of paying it back for the helpful leads and calls for submissions they provide.

What the hell…I just finished this story, let’s send it along as “dark humor”. They’re never going to want to post it.

Well, turns out they do…I just signed the contract and returned it to Stuart and Stephanie, the Horror Tree editors for inclusion in the Trembling With Fear section of the web site, and possible inclusion later on in an anthology.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction…so be careful with those tacos!

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